About Us

We are a small tech company that works with different startups in the US.
Today we are a team of 7 people 4 men and 3 women.

Our mission is to help and develop startup companies to continue their growth, and with this we have different models that we work with.

The goal is to be there from the beginning of each startup and help them to understand the marketing aspect and the organic growth with the suppliers and the costumers all together.

We sell our products online & offline, we work with some of the best distributions company's around the world, we also attend to different type of trade shows around the globe, we do between 3-5 shows per year.

Smart of Sweden was a startup itself at one time in Sweden and today we work mainly from our main office in California but still have a smaller hub in Stockholm Sweden.

If you want to be part of the Smart Of Sweden Team and our portfolio, you can send us a email and will get back to you in 24h

Thank you for stopping by our E-office.